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How has Thanksgiving Break been for you, mama? 

Learn a daily 10-minute strategy that will change IT ALL.

10-for-2 Challenge

Winter Break
will be here soon, Mama!

Did you envision this at Thanksgiving...


But instead you got lots of this...

crying in corner.pexels-cottonbro-studio-6970506.jpg

Or irritated battling this...


The #1 tool I give every mom to start using right away is called


I am offering a free 3-day

10-for-2 challenge

to get you ready for Winter Break!

Join Now

Join my 3-day challenge to learn this amazing tool and get personal guidance on implementing it!

My life is so busy...will this really help?

We will cover:

We will discuss WHY holiday breaks are especially ripe for behavior problems.

  • Why they are hard for kids...
  • Why they are hard for moms.​..

10-for-2 is a simple tool that can help you AND your child get through the holidays with more fun and less misery.

baby watch mom spaghetti.pexels-vanessa-loring-5082873.jpg

Each day we will have

45 minute LIVE call

Daily Worksheet

Get targeted advice LIVE

Learn how 10 minutes a day can change everything...

10-for-2 Challenge

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